Thursday, February 17, 2011

Optrimax - Plum Delite

Optrimax - Plum Delite

A detox product from BWL that really helps in removing the unnecessary stuff in our body. I still remember that the first time, I ate it, I went toilet so many times and to clear my bowels! The pain is pretty much like cramps and it lasted for about half a day. Subsequent time, that I ate it, the number of time I need to go toilet reduces and perhaps, once it becomes normal, I'd probably had finished my detoxification but I'm not too sure about the details. 

For those who have issues with going toilet, you may want to consider have some...


  1. I would say that if you are interested in clearing your bowels, this is a effective and less messy way (no need to do a lot of things, just eat it once a day will do). I got this from my friend and I personally find it pretty effective for myself.

    For me, I'll do this whenever I feel like detoxing my body. It doesn't come that cheap and it's so far so good for me.


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